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Did I really say that there should not be much “overlap” of game time with the ABL game at Melbourne Ballpark starting at 2:05pm and Waverley’s game at nearby Newport starting at 3:30pm? Well, you can never quite count on our game of baseball in terms of running to any type of script. In contrast to the last game we missed, mainly because Our Wildcats’ pitchers made short work of the visiting Sunshine team at Napier Park, this time we were tripped-up by the ABL slugfest that seemed to drag on forever.

On a warm and very windy day at Melbourne Ballpark the Melbourne Aces were finally out-slogged by the Canberra Cavalry 13-18 after 210 minutes of hard yards for the pitchers of both teams. As were were leaving the game to head for Newport we received the deflating text message that our Wildcats were trailing by a wide margin after the top of the eighth and it didn’t really take much thinking time to work out that it wasn’t worth attending. We figured that the boys wouldn’t be in much of a mood to hang around after the game in those circumstances.

While I have no detail about what occurred, it is clear that the windy conditions probably made life tough for pitchers, as they were at Altona, because the 13 runs allowed by our team is most uncharacteristic based on recent performances. If they were not overly affected by the weather, then everyone is entitled to an “off game” once in a while. I also learned that I will be owing ‘Mighty Mitch’ Glasser a “home run beer” for his first inning long ball – do I get a discount if it was “wind assisted”? Forget it – nice work mate!

I’m not sure that I really want to delve into the details of this sorry losing cause, but I will certainly be expecting the boys to hit back hard with a chance of redemption against the same Newport opponents at Melbourne Ballpark in the late game this Wednesday, 4 December – first pitch 8:50pm. Hopefully some of our younger boys will be allowed to stay up late enough to play?

Finally and most significantly, the very FIRST luncheon of the Waverley Baseball Club’s new coterie group CLUB3150 will be conducted from 1:00pm to 3:00pm this coming Sunday 8 December in the Napier Park Clubrooms. Guest interviewee is our Australian National team and Minnesota Twins star James Beresford.
If you would like to attend you will need to lock this in URGENTLY no later than Tuesday this week. To find out about this exciting new opportunity, just click here.


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