"Where EVERYONE Comes To Play"


Ross Neilson, a former WBC president and Life Member, penned this lovely tribute to Gary Robinson, a former Club champion and Secretary of the Club, who passed away last week.

“It is with great personal sadness that I advise of the passing of Gary Robinson. Gary turned 70 a week ago and passed away in his home city of Perth five days later, after a two year protracted battle with cancer.

Gary was with Waverley for a relatively short time, but made a lasting impact over those few years. In 1971 he was our Club Champion, and in 1978 and 1979 was our Club Secretary. He also played in our historic 1975 B-grade grand final.

In the late 60’s Gary was posted to Papua New Guinea with his job at a bank, and while he was there met his future wife Linley. They were then both posted to Melbourne where they stayed for the first five years of their marriage. This March they were to celebrate 42 years of marriage. Gary was a very good cricketer and an excellent baseballer, playing mainly at first base. He played 127 games for the club, and I would think they were most likely all in the firsts.

This Club has obviously had many hundreds of players over the years, with all types and characters, but Gary always struck me as being one of the “coolest”. Tall, athletic, good looking, long blonde hair, beautiful wife…. and a brand new, bright red, Datsun 240Z sports car. He had it all.

While Gary was Secretary, our President was John Paice and they struck up a wonderful friendship both personally and with their respective families that continued on long after Gary and Linley moved to Perth.

While Liz and I travelled Australia we caught up with the Robinsons and our friendship redeveloped, sharing holidays in Perth, Broome and with them staying with us on the Sunshine Coast. Lots of things were going to happen, with Gary wanting to go to Bathurst with me one year to see a Ford win, one of the few things he consistently got wrong, and desperately wanting to visit the baseball club again as it had been 40 years. Very sadly they will not happen, but I will try to convince Linley to attend a Club 3150 luncheon this year.

There is to be a private family funeral service on the 16th of January in Perth to celebrate a wonderful life, well lived.

He will be very sadly missed.”

* Gary Robinson is pictured here in the 1975 WBC Grand Final team. He is in the top row, fifth from the right, without a cap.