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Diamond 1 & 2 Ground Works

Monash Council agreed to carry out some extensive ground works at Napier Park on both Diamond 1 & Diamond 2. They outlined the following works, costing approximately $30k, which commenced Tuesday 9th June 2015.


  • All areas of Grass and en tout cas around the infield to be laser levelled. Mats at home plate and on the mound to remain.
  • Dugout entrances to be re-turfed (these areas to be zoned off during the week throughout winter to avoid damage during the non growing period)
  • Old walk up track from away team dugout to be raised and re-turfed.


  • Grass and en tout cas to be laser levelled around outfield/infield cut out.
  • Mats at home plate and on the mound to remain.

With no weather interruptions or complications the project is expected to take 5-7 working days.

The repairs should provide a much improved playing surface and assist with drainage.

On behalf of the Club and all its members from both our Winter and Summer Clubs, we would like to thank the council for their assistance with this project, you have made our members extremely happy & special mention to Miles Davine from the Recreation Department for his persistence and follow up within the council to get this project across the line. Thank you

Waverley Baseball Club Board

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