"Where EVERYONE Comes To Play"

About The Waverley Baseball Club

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Waverley Baseball Club Inc.

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“The purposes of the Waverley Baseball Club are to foster the game of baseball within the City of Monash and surrounding districts and to participate in baseball competition.”


Like all baseball clubs and devotees of the game, the Waverley Baseball Club firmly believes that baseball is a truly magnificent sport for young players and older players alike. It is a game that provides a unique blend of skills, athleticism, fitness, concentration and discipline within a team environment.

There is plenty of reason to believe that the personal development acquired by young baseballers from the disciplines of playing the game and the necessary dedication to training provides them with “lifetime skills” that will always remain with them. It is a game where players can derive many years of enjoyment from participation, while whole families are encouraged to become involved as umpires, scorers, helpers or administrators. Like many team sports, the lifelong friendships and family associations that result from the game and membership of a club are something to be cherished.

At any level the game of baseball can be played with a serious competitive spirit but the simple pleasures of playing the game and enjoying the participation usually transcend the importance of winning and losing.

Baseball is a truly fantastic game for children, generally played in the fresh air of the outdoors and in the summer sunshine. The game is not without some elements of physical danger but these are minimised by mandatory use of protective equipment, while the game itself does not promote physical contact between players at the junior level.

Baseball is a game that uniquely offers the opportunity for EVERY competitor to be constantly involved in the game both in batting and fielding, if not also in pitching. Unlike some other games where players can be “starved” of action for long periods, baseball offers its players the chance to remain involved in the action throughout the game.

When they progress through to senior baseball ranks it is an often repeated part of baseball folklore that the game allows adults to “relive the fun of their childhood” by playing the game of baseball.



Waverley Baseball Club has always fostered the fundamental ideals of baseball and these are taught religiously to players that join the club from the youngest ages. Such simple things as punctuality, pride in appearance (the uniform), respect for coaches and teammates and sportsmanship are all important elements of the ‘Waverley way’ to develop young people into good players and decent citizens.
These fundamentals have been instituted at Waverley Baseball Club since its inception in 1959 and they have been nurtured and refined by the dedication of our coaches perhaps most notably during the “Dick Mason era”. These principles have been passed on by subsequent club directors and a succession of long-serving coaches like our modern junior coaching mentor David Warren who now promotes the important principles for our coaches of the future. There is a legacy of good player management, good coaching and solid fundamentals at Waverley Baseball Club that will always be jealously guarded.

Let there be no mistake about this, the Waverley Baseball Club loves success… but we will not sacrifice our fundamental principles of player development to achieve it!

Furthermore, many of the principles that are commonplace in Australian baseball with respect to the “protection and nurturing” of young players originated at the Waverley Baseball Club and this is an indication of our dedication to the future of the game. Such things as restricting pitch counts, restricting young pitchers from throwing curve balls and the rotation of players in fielding positions are all fundamentals of our junior player management at Waverley Baseball Club and most of these are now copied elsewhere.

Waverley Baseball Club thrives on the loyalty of the players and families that have made the club so great over many years. We want all of our young players to enjoy playing their baseball at Waverley throughout their careers and we want to enable them to progress as far as their talents can take them.

While we do take great pride in the success of our teams, we take equal pride from the number of players we have developed that have moved on from the club to bigger things and from the number of people that remain involved with the club many years beyond their direct family involvement with players.

The Waverley Baseball Club firmly believes that baseball is a game that must be enjoyed by participation and it is for this reason that we stick by our slogan “Where EVERYONE Comes To Play”.



The Waverley Baseball Club is proud to boast playing grounds and facilities that are the best in Victoria and would be the envy of many “local league” sporting clubs around the world. Our “complex” comprises four major baseball diamonds, with the capability of being configured to play up to eight tee-ball games simultaneously. We have a “spanking new” clubhouse that is the envy of Victorian baseball, junior clubrooms, batting cages and a host of baseball equipment.

The complex is situated at Napier Park, Glen Waverley (Melway 71J2), in Melbourne’s south-eastern suburbs, on the south side of High Street Road, with our main entrance approximately 200m west of the Dandenong Creek bridge. To see where we are located and to view our facilities, click here.

Although we rely heavily on parents and volunteers to help set-out and maintain our baseball diamonds on game days, the Waverley Baseball Club certainly appreciates its “partnering” relationship with the City of Monash who provide us tremendous support, both in terms of development of the site and in the regular maintenance of our grounds, including mowing.

It goes without saying that we also rely heavily upon our several loyal sponsors each year for providing the necessary funding for development and improvement of the club in many areas.

Of course, the Waverley Baseball Club is a proud member of the Victorian Baseball Association (VBA) and we respect their efforts to manage and progress the sport of baseball in this state. We at Waverley have an acute understanding of our own responsibility to contribute to the overall good of baseball in Victoria and Australia, not only to focus on the things that may benefit Waverley baseball.