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Winter Rego Process 2014 Returning Member

Waverley Baseball Club

Winter Registration Process 2014

Player uses this link https://memberdesq.imgstg.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=display_login&OrgID=16724

If it is a Returning Member

ie. DID play Summer 2013/14 then click on the Login tab.

Otherwise see the Winter Rego Process 2014 New Member document.

Enter Username and Password. Then click on the Login Button.



If the player does not know their username or password then click the Username & Password tab.

Enter the email address used in the Summer 2013/14 registration. Then click Submit.

The player then checks their email for the Username & Password.



Once Logged in the player selects the Registration Renewal Tab.

Then select the Registration Type. Then click Next.



Read and Accept all the Terms and Conditions. Then click Next.



Check / Update all personal details. Then click Next.



Click Submit Application.


The player then checks their email and prints the registration confirmation.

Now see the Winter Rego Process 2014 Paying Fees document.