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Dear Voting Members,

As mentioned in the below Agenda for the Special General meeting & AGM, all 11 positions on the board are open for election due to the new constitution, that was enforced upon all Associations in November last year by the government.  We have been running on these Model rules since, and hence the special general meeting is to fine tune a few rules to best suit the Waverley Baseball Club.


We have several of last year’s board re-electing for positions, however the Secretary Role is Vacant and needs to be filled, as this is a compulsory position to fill for the club to operate.  The role has been lessened with a registrar being appointed last season & hence taken those tasks away from the secretary.  If you would like more information on what the secretary does, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I would be happy to assist the new secretary, with all tasks, but will not be continuing even as a temporary until one is found.


We need members to come forth, have their say, but also roll up their sleeves to help and assist in the everyday running of the club,  without willing people coming together and forming the nucleus of the club, it simply just would not function.  To  have a mixture of representation from all areas of the club, Juniors, Seniors, Winter, Summer,  that way everyone gets to put their ideas forward and can work together to grow the club as a whole.

Please find attached nomination forms attached, attached also are proxy forms if required.  Board & Life member nominations and any other business for the meeting should reach the secretary by 5.00pm on the 4th JULY 2014.


If anyone has any questions please do not hesitate to contact myself or any of the current board members.

Please read the agenda for Special General meeting  & AGM.  The forms can be HERE.

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