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Playing At Waverley


If you would like to register your interest in playing baseball at the Waverley Baseball Club, then we would be only to pleased to answer any of your concerns.

The online registration portal is here.


Secretary: Terry Fitzgerald
Phone: 0409 356 410
Email: wildcats@waverleybaseball.com

Registrar: David Thomas
Phone: 0411 051 190
Email: registrar@waverleybaseball.com

Mail to:
Waverley Baseball Club
P.O. BOX 910


With our superior playing facilities and our long tradition of coaching excellence, the Waverley Baseball Club is the best place for interested parents to send their children to learn about and participate in playing the game of baseball.

Baseball is a clean, healthy and challenging sport that can be enjoyed at any level of skill. It is a game that provides continuous participation and activity for players without much risk of physical injury. All games at Waverley are professionally managed, coached and supervised to ensure the protection of young players and the enjoyment of everybody who comes to play at Waverley Baseball Club.

Players DO NOT have to be from the “Waverley area” or from the City of Monash only as we welcome any potential players from nearby and surrounding suburbs.

The Waverley Baseball Club provides opportunities for players to learn about and to enjoy the magnificent game of baseball at two levels:

  • All of our players must compete in our unique “Intra-club” Domestic League where the participation and enjoyment of players of various skill levels is far more important than the “winning and losing”. It provides a healthy degree of competition but we do not allow this emphasis to override the enjoyment of inexperienced players.
  • For elite players who earn selection in our representative teams, we provide the opportunity for them to compete at the highest levels (State League) with a tradition of coaching excellence that has produced innumerable quality baseballers who have progressed to National and International levels in the sport.

To read more about baseball and the Waverley Baseball Club, click here.


Summer Baseball

The Baseball Victoria Summer Season starts in October and continues until March, with a four week Christmas Holiday break in the season.

Tee-ball (U8) play Saturday mornings. 8:30am to 10am.

Rookie Ball (U10), Little League Minors (U12) play Saturday mornings. 8:45am to 11:15am.

The Little League Major (U12) Charter Competiton play Friday nights. 5pm to 7:30pm

The Junior League (U14) Charter Competiton play Friday nights. 5pm to 7:30pm

Little League (U12), Junior League (U14), U16 & U18 State & Metro Representative teams play Sunday mornings. 8am to 11am.

Mens Seniors play Sunday afternoons with some midweek games.

Womens Seniors play Saturday afternoons.

Masters is played on Monday night.

Winter Baseball

The Melbourne Winter Baseball League, http://www.mwbl.com.au/ starts in April and continues until September.

U13 Minors, U13 Majors, U15 Minors, U15 Majors and U17 teams play Saturday mornings. 8am to 11am

Seniors play Saturday afternoon.

To participate in our baseball programs you will need to be registered. (Refer FEES & REGISTRATION below)


The basic requirements for participation are:

Baseball Glove

Waverley Baseball Cap (Purchase from the Club)

Groin Protector

Baseball Cleats (Only Seniors can wear Metal Cleats) or Moulded Sole Football Boots

White Baseball Pants

Playing shirts are supplied by the club up to U16 age groups. U16, U18 & Seniors must purchase a playing top from the club.
All necessary bats, balls, helmets and catching equipment is supplied by the club, along with all of the required equipment for setting up the playing field, scoring and umpiring etc.


Current Junior FEES are detailed here.

Current Senior FEES are detailed here.

The online registration portal is here.


Part of a Players’ fee structure includes the Baseball Victoria annual registration and insurance fee which must be collected by summer league clubs and also covers players for the following winter league season. The fee is included as part of the in the online registration.

The insurance cover provided via the Baseball Victoria registration fees provides Lump benefits only for Personal Body loss / losses. It should be noted that: Waverley Baseball Club Inc. does not provide any insurance of any nature for members and/or players at any time. It is recommended that players and members establish their own insurance covers for personal accident, non-Medical, salary benefits and loss of earnings etc.


This privacy notice is issued by Waverley Baseball Club Incorporated, Registered Number A0001474L ABN 96 950 204 139 and its related bodies herein referred to as “The Club”.

The Club collects : your name, and in the case of Juniors, the parents names. Your contact details such as street address, postal address, email address, telephone numbers, gender and date of birth.

The primary purpose for collecting such information is to ensure correct and prompt contact with you regarding Club matters and in the case of emergency, to contact next of kin. Your name and address information may be used to produce mailing labels for Club purposes.

Your personal information may also be disclosed to related bodies such as Baseball Victoria, Baseball Australia, the Australian Baseball League and other related bodies to the Waverley Baseball Club Incorporated for matters only relating to the sport of Baseball.

After 20 December 2001, and subject to the provisions of the Privacy Act 1988 you may have access to, correct and update the personal information we collect about you.